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Hello world! December 30, 2007

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Hi there. It’s me. Just wanted a place for me to write¬†& post things…or even type what i feel the Lord is showing me during each part in my life. Yup, yup, yup! And who knows..maybe the Lord might use this to touch your life in a way that He becomes just as real to you as He is to me. Actually, I pray He would. The God I know isn’t far off & watching us from a distance. We can be as close to Him as we choose to be. In fact, that’s what He desires. Oh, and feel free to share what He’s been putting on your heart, as well…who knows…it may be the very same thing I need to hear at that moment. Anyways, I pray God’s blessing upon your life. May you come to know Him as your Savior & walk with Him all the days of your life.